- Care, Support, & Community
       - Encouragement & Counseling
       - Help for Missionary Moms
       - Support Groups

- Church Planting
- Community Development
       - Economics & Agriculture
       - Healthcare
       - Solar Technology
- Deputation
       - Ministry Partner Development
       - Mission Fests & Conferences
       - Fundraising
       - Prayer Support
- Ethnic Resources
       - Contextualization
       - Cultural Specific Tools
- Ethnomusicology

- Furlough Needs
       - Clothes & Personal Items
       - Housing / Hospitality Networks
       - Retreats
       - Vehicles / Transportation
- Health & Safety
       - Health Insurance
       - Medical Care
       - Security Abroad
- International Travel
       - Airline Booking
       - Embassy & Visa
       - Evacuations
       - Safety
       - Travel Insurance

- Maps & Country Info
       - Country Fact Sheets
       - Country Maps
        - Country Profiles
       - World Maps
- Media Ministry Tools
       - Audio Scriptures
       - Conceptualized Bible Pictures
       - Downloadable Media
       - Media & Movies
       - Mobile Ministry Tools
- Mission & Global News
       - Global Mission News
       - World News Updates
- MK / TCK
       - Homeschooling
       - Third Culture Kid Resources
- Missions for Kids
       - Global Crafts & Games
       - Mission Focused Fun

- Prayer Resources
       - Prayer Calendars

- Research Information
       - Evangelical Statistics
       - Online Directories
       - People Group Profiles
       - Unreached People Groups
- Services
       - International Shipping
       - Networking
       - Tax Consultants

- Short-Termers
       - Finding Short-Termers
       - Orientation & Hosting
       - Debriefing
- Spiritual Warfare
         - Informative Books
        - Prayer Combat Tools

- Teaching Resources

- Technical
       - Computer Tech Support
       - Internet / Email Assistance
       - Missionary Websites
       - Online Networking
- Training
       - Discipleship Training
        - Missionary Training
        - Scholarships for Missionaries

- Transitions
       - Crossroads
       - Culture Shock
       - Re-entry

- Miscellaneous

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