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Solar Equipment for Video Projection . . .

March 13, 2017

With all the great media that exists these days, it is becoming very popular to use media and videos as a means of evangelism, training, and outreach. But what do you do in those remote settings where there is no electricity for running your electronics and devices?

Today, I would like to present a very simple “kit” you can put together that will make it possible to show videos to individuals or even entire groups of people. A “kit” that is very portable and perfect for travel, with devices that can be run on battery and solar power, making it possible to reap the benefits of modern technology even in the most remote, “off the grid” locations!

What’s more, this kit is actually very affordable! You could spend between $2,000 - $5,000 to purchase “Backpack Projection Systems”, or you can purchase these individual devices and put together your own portable solar projection kit for less than $200!

Here’s what you will need . . .

1) AAXA LED Pico Mini Projector

This little projector is the perfect size for travel (it measures 2.36” x 4.25”).

If you have your videos on a Micro SD card, you can insert the card and watch the videos directly from this projector without the need to plug in any devices.

Otherwise, this projector has multiple ways to import media, including USB, Micro USB, and Mini-HDMI ports.

* Can project an image up to 60 inches (5 feet).

* 80+ minute battery life.

* Audio output (headphone jack) allows you to plug in speakers to increase volume.

* Can charge with a 5V USB connection, which works well with the solar power bank (listed below).

2) ANEERX Portable Outdoor Speakers

This particular speaker is very hardy for travel and outdoor use. The main features that make these speakers ideal for this particular purpose . . .

* Waterproof, shock resistant, sand-proof – very durable for outdoor use.

* Plug the speakers into a headphone jack or use wirelessly as a bluetooth device.

* Has a built in rechargeable battery. When fully charged the battery will last about 12 hours.

* Great sound and great volume! The sound can be heard up to 33 feet away.

* The speakers charge through a 5V USB cable, which will work well with the solar power bank (listed below).

3) Solar Dual USB Power Bank

This solar power bank is perfect for keeping the above devices working in locations where there is no other electrical source.

You can charge this power bank (and your devices) during the day when the sun is shining. Then at night, the power bank can be used as an extra battery or power source to keep the other devices charged.

* Use the power bank to charge any 5V USB devices.

* Water resistant and shock-proof for durable outdoor use.

Please note that the power bank contains a very large battery that can take 11-18 hours to fully charge, but once fully charged it holds the charge very well and has 5,000mAh battery capacity (which can charge most phones or hand-held devices 2-3 times before the power reserve runs out).

This particular power bank can support two USB devices at a time. Though, if you are really working “off grid” in locations that have little to no electricity, you might consider getting two of these power banks just to be sure that you have enough power reserve to keep all your devices running all the time.

Using This “Kit”

The three devices mentioned above should be all you need for showing videos and multi-media to small groups.

I would estimate that with the 5 foot projected image and the quality of the speaker system, you should be able to show videos to a group size of up to 60 people; possibly even 80 to 100 people if the conditions are favorable.