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Examples of Good (and not so good) Mission Videos . . .

It can be really difficult to come up with the ideas and inspiration for creating great videos for your ministry, so in this article I thought I would just share with you some examples of different videos that various missionaries and mission agencies have have made over the years.

How to Make a Great Ministry Video . . .

If you’re planning to go on furlough or to send a video back to your supporters to update them on your ministry then you’re likely considering the prospect of creating a ministry video.

If you’re new to video production or are wanting to discover ways to improve the quality of your productions, here are some key pointers to start with . . .

Furlough Vehicles for Christian Missionaries . . .

I get a lot of emails and inquiries from missionaries who are in need of a vehicle to use during the few months they will be in the US on furlough and deputation.

With all the miles that missionaries travel while on “home assignment”, having a vehicle at their disposal is imperative. However, because most missionaries are

Solar Equipment for Video Projection . . .

With all the great media that exists these days, it is becoming very popular to use media and videos as a means of evangelism, training, and outreach. But what do you do in those remote settings where there is no electricity for running your electronics and devices?

Today, I would like to present a very simple “kit” you can put together that will make it