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- Transitions
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       - Culture Shock
       - Re-entry

- Miscellaneous

Note: If you have any resources to share, feel free to contact us!

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Great resources that are especially or exclusively for people engaged in overseas missions or cross-cultural ministry!

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New to this Site? Start Here!


This website was created by missionaries, for missionaries! Its purpose is to serve as a means of sharing resources with other Christians engaged in overseas missions or cross-cultural ministry.

This website contains a lot of content with links to other websites and countless resources. This may feel a little overwhelming at first, which is why we put together this “Start Page” as a way to lay out for you exactly what you can expect to find on our website and also to help you navigate well to ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for.

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For any resources we find that merit more than just a simple link, we feature them on our blog. The blog articles also give ideas on how to use the different resources to their fullest potential.

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Browse by Category

We have a wide variety of resources grouped into categories that are relevant to missionaries and cross-cultural workers. The following is a list of the categories and a brief description of the types of resources you can expect to find on each page:


This category contains books that are of special interest to missionaries, most especially books about missionary life, books that feature the lives of other missionaries, and books that are especially helpful in cross-cultural ministry.

As you browse through our book listing, please bare in mind that if a book is focused on a specific area of ministry it may be listed as a resource in a different category. We do not list all the book resources on this page, for the simple reason that there are just too many books and not enough space to list them all.

Care, Support, & Community

In this category you will find resources specifically geared towards the emotional and physical support of missionaries. Connect with other missionaries and cross cultural workers through support groups, blogs, and social networking. Receive encouragement and counseling from people and organizations that focus on ministering to those in ministry.

Church Planting

Resources specifically for church planters and those focused on starting church planting movements.

Community Developement

If you are into health, agriculture, or other community development work, you will enjoy this wide selection of resources including solar technology, healthcare books, instructional videos, and the latest in development technology.


A key part of being a missionary is being able to cast vision and raise support and this deputation page contains resources to help you in this process.  

Ethnic Resources

If you are working among a specific ethnic group there may be resources available to help you convey the Gospel of Christ in a way that will speak to the heart of the culture and people you are working with, these are all found on our ethnic resources page.  


Music can be a really powerful tool for outreach ministry which is why we are working to add this particular category to our resource site. Currently there are not a whole lot of Ethnomusicology resources listed, but if you know of any that we could add please contact us and let us know!

Furlough Needs

Returning to your home culture can present its own list of challenges but there are many organizations and individuals eager to help make your transition as smooth as possible, with missionary housing, vehicle rentals, retreat centers, and more!   

Health & Safety

This page contains everything pertaining to your personal health and safety, including online health consultations by healthcare workers who have overseas experience. Other resources in this section include  international health insurance options, medical books and resources, security training for emergency response, and even emergency evacuation services.     

International Travel

Visit our travel page to find resources geared towards making your travels abroad go as smoothly as possible; including everything from airline booking agencies, visa services, embassy and consulate information sites, travel tips, and more.  

Language Learning

Featuring the best language learning resources, popular language apps, and information for parents who are striving to raise bilingual (or multilingual) children.

Maps & Country Info

If you need information about specific countries or are looking for good mapping options, there are a number of resources listed on this page. Resources include world and country maps, country fact sheets, global evangelistic statistics, and even prayer aids to help to promote prayer for the countries and peoples around the world.  

Media Ministry Tools

Modern technology has opened the doors for incredible outreach opportunities. This page offers the best of what technology and media materials are available for ministry, including audio Bibles, solar powered Bible players, Gospel films, and resources for cell phone ministry. All these resources are available in multiple languages with the aim of using modern technology to help spread the Gospel of Christ.  

Mission & Global News

Stay up to date on what is happening in the evangelical community around the world, receive up-to-date prayer requests from Christians and mission agencies around the world, gain awareness of Christian persecution, and receive news bulletins by email that are relevant to global missions.

Mission Organizations

This page is simply a listing of the different Christian organizations that are involved in overseas and cross-cultural ministry. The organizations listed on this page are wide and varied including everything from development work, church planting, orphan or refugee ministry, human trafficking, Bible translation, aviation, medical aid, outreach technology, evangelism, tentmaker missions, and more.

This is not, by any means, an exhaustive list, as there are far too many organizations to list them all, but if you know of an organization that you feel should be included on this list please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.  

Missionary (Third Culture) Kids

If you are serving abroad with your children this page is especially for you! These resources are specifically geared towards third culture kids, including overseas education options, online community and support, counseling and re-entry services, and more!

Missions for Kids

Inspire young minds to be mission focused through global crafts, games, and fun activities that are geared towards mission awareness for kids. These resources can be used with your own kids at home, or for reaching out to the kids in different group settings during your deputation and support raising efforts. Kids make amazing prayer warriors when inspired, and only God knows how many of them will grow up to become missionaries themselves if they catch the vision early on!

Prayer Resources

Prayer is the fuel that missions runs on, without it we would be lost and fruitless in our efforts. With how vital prayer is to the success of fulfilling the Great Commission we have devoted this page to resources that can help to recruit more prayer from God’s people around the world.

Research Information

If you are needing to do research on a particular ethnic group, country, or mission focus, this is the page to refer to. There are many different organizations that have undergone extensive research regarding unreached tribes, global evangelical work, as well as information about countries, ethnic groups, and languages.


There are many individuals and organizations that provide services that can be a great help to people serving internationally. On this page you will find a listing of tax consultants, aviation services, international shipping options, and suppliers of clothing, personal items, medical supplies, and more.  

Please note that if a service is particular to another category it may not be listed on this page for the sake of conserving space.


Whether you are interested in going on a short-term missions trip or you are a missionary who is looking to recruit a short-term team, this page is geared towards helping to promote short-term missions.

Spiritual Warfare

The topic of spiritual warfare is very relevant to global missions, which is why we have a page on this site specifically devoted to that topic. Find books and resources that specifically address the topic of spiritual warfare, especially as it pertains to the global or cross-cultural ministry.

Teaching Resources

These resources are focused on further equipping missionaries to share the Gospel of Christ in congregational, classroom, and small group studies.


Everything related to computers, Internet, and modern technology. Computer consulting, web hosting, tech support, and networking, as well as computer programs or services that are helpful in global ministry work.


If you are looking to receive more training in a specific field, there are a number of options including a few that are free or discounted for missionaries.


Missionary life is a life that is full of transition; traveling around for deputation, going out on the mission field, relocating, and even returning to your home culture. The resources on this page are specifically geared towards making the transitions smoother for you and your family.


This miscellaneous page is exactly what it implies – basically including any resources that do not fit well into the above categories.

Contribute Content for This Site

If you know of any great resources, please consider taking the time to share them with us.  We are always looking for new content to add to our list of resources and would love to hear about the resources that have been particularly helpful to you in ministry.

We are especially looking for . . .

* More Ethnic Resources – Our site currently has a lot of African resources but is seriously lacking in resources specific to other ethnic groups, particularly contextualized Bible pictures or teaching resources.  

* Ethnic/Cultural Music – Do you know of any Ethnomusicology resources? This is an entire category of its own that we do not yet have on our website. We would love to provide links to downloadable music files that have good Christian lyrics put to cultural/ethnic music. If you know of any, please let us know!

* Children’s Mission Resources – If you know of any resources that can help to engage young children in mission focused activities we would be very interested!