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Missionary (Third Culture) Kids
Homeschooling Abroad
If you want/need to have your children enrolled in an actual school (which can be a requirement for some States or Countries) you might consider Home Life Academy as a great option. It is an official private school with the ministry of serving home educator, both in the US and abroad. This basically means that your children are enrolled in this private school, but you still get to be their teacher and choose their curriculum.
Registration discounts available for missionaries!
MK Re-entry
The following sites offer programs, and/or resources to help missionary kids who are going through cultural transitions or re-entering their home culture after living abroad.

Narramore Christian Foundation

NCF provides a 13-day reentry seminar for missionary kids who have just completed highschool and are returning to the US or Canada after a time abroad.

Held at BIOLA University in California every summer.

Visit the NCF website for more details

or visit their Facebook page

Multilingual Children’s Association is great for missionaries who are raising their children in other countries and trying to learn two or more languages. It offers informative articles, language products for children, and more.

International Society of Missionary Kids (ISMK) assists missionary kids in cultural training, education, retreats, discipleship, and life transitions.

They train missionary kids to become engaged in discipleship and missions.

They also provide support to the families in vulnerable situations.

mkPLANET has an online Facebook group that connects MKs, their families, and member care workers. They strive to provide a safe and open environment for interaction, information, and support.

This book provides resources for people who have responsibility for missionary kids (MKs) and other Third Culture Kids (TCKs). It contains the collected wisdom of 38 different experienced authors in a collaborative effort to equip parents, teachers, and caregivers.


Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds

by David C. Pollock

Children of expatriates, missionaries, military personnel, and others who live outside their passport country have unique issues with personal development and identity. This book bring to light the emotional and psychological realities that come with the TCK journey.

How to Raise a Bilingual Child

I found this article to be very helpful. It includes several practical ideas you can implement in your home to help your children learn multiple languages with the least amount of confusion and frustration.   

Maximize Your Child's Bilingual Ability

By Adam Beck

There are many resources out there for bilingual families, but Maximize Your Child's Bilingual Ability is uniquely special . . . very useful, practical, and motivating.

Paradise Mountain Ministries

A “Home Away from Home” for young people whose parents are located outside the United States.

Location: North-East Georgia

NorthStar Academy

NorthStar Academy is a great online educational option for MK’s!

Offering students a choice of taking individual courses or an entire grade-level program to meet their individual academic needs.

Global TCK Care & Education is SIL's international children's education department. Their website has excellent articles about Third Culture Kids, dealing with transitions, and their education; a list of books on being a TCK; and links to online resources for TCKs. They also have links to companies from many different countries that provide home education resources. This website is a gold mine, particularly for information about educating your child overseas.

Adelina Aviator

by Jessica Vana

A story book specifically written for missionary kids!! Meet Adelina . . . “Momma, moving to the jungle will be hard, huh? I hope I can find my courage.” Softly, slowly momma tucked Aviator Bear under Adelina’s arm. “When you feel like this adventure is too big, hold on to Aviator Bear and remember God can give you courage as big as the night sky.”

Every day kids across America are leaving their homes, families, friends, and even their doggies, to follow God’s call to share the gospel. Discover what happens when one young girl finds true courage as a missionary aviator.

Written by a missionary mom for missionary kids!

Slurping Soup and Other Confusions

by Tonges & Menezes

True stories and activities to help third culture kids during transition. The activities are suitable for three to twelve year olds and include brainstorming, problem solving, party planning, family tree, quirky word games etc. The book aims to help children cope with the challenges of living internationally.

Arrivals Departures And The Adventures In-Between

by Christopher O’Shaughnessy

Growing up and transitioning cross-culturally can present unexpected challenges and bestow surprising skills. This is a book of adventures to help identify some of those challenges and use some of those skills in your own life - which is important because you've got more to contribute to the world than you realize.

Kids on the Move

A Relocation Workbook by Leah Moorefield Evans

Moving to a new home with your pre-school or elementary child? Collect memories, process the move and celebrate the future with activities, ideas, and games in this workbook.

Raising Kids in the Foreign Service

This book is perfect for families new to the Foreign Service and looking for a sense of what life is like abroad.

Covers a wide variety of topics important to parents living abroad. Experienced expat writers share stories, experiences, and research about pregnancy, education, travel, language, unaccompanied tours, safety, maintaining mindfulness and much more.

Learn about everything from homeschooling to helping struggling kids to cleaning up that clutter while living in another country.


by Sara Saunders

Lila isn't just like her yellow friends or her blue cousins, so she feels as though she doesn't fit in anywhere. But when she meets another swirly kid and his swirly mom, she finds out that she does belong somewhere . . . with a very special swirly someone.

A great book for learning about how to face cultural differences.


by Tanya Crossman

Misunderstood explores the impact international life can have on Third Culture Kids -- while they live overseas, when they return, and as they mature into adults.

Similarities in their shared experiences (regardless of the different countries in which they have lived) create a safe space of comfort and understanding. Tanya Crossman introduces this space - the Third Culture - through the personal stories of hundreds of individuals.

Whether you grew up overseas, are raising children overseas, or know a family living abroad, Misunderstood will equip you with insights into the international experience, along with practical suggestions for how to offer meaningful care and support.

Belonging Everywhere & Nowhere: Insights into Counseling the Globally Mobile

Because of the rapid growth of the expat community, counselors must look at the uniqueness of working with children who grow up as a Third Culture Kid, the common presenting issues for adults TCKs and what often lies hidden beneath the surface. The book is filled with practical examples, interesting stories, tips, charts, resources, theories, techniques and discussion questions for further study.

Patches the Moving Bear

by Leah Evans

Patches moves to a new home with his family every few years. So far, he has lived in Russia, Ecuador, Ukraine, and Paraguay. Luckily, he has a couple of strategies to help him say good-bye and remember the home he is leaving. Learn about his story in this full color picture book!

My Very Exciting - Sorta Scary - Big Move

by Lori Attanasio Woodring

This award winning book makes one of the most stressful life events for kids - moving - a little less hectic and a little more exciting. "My Very Exciting, Sorta Scary, Big Move: A Workbook for Children Moving to a New Home" guides kids from worry to wonder and fear to new friends. This one-of-a-kind workbook walks kids ages 5-11 step by step through the entire moving process, including understanding change, strategies for managing emotions, ways to say goodbye, taking part in a new adventure, tips for making new friends, and more. The charming illustrations and engaging activities allow children to take control of their feelings and experiences and become active participants in their exciting new adventure.

The Moving Book: A Kids’ Survival Guide

by Gabriel Davis

If you have to move, make it an adventure with the help of our book. This invaluable tool is filled with advice and activities to help you prepare for a move and suggestions for making your new location feel like home. Use this book as a scrapbook of your moving experience.

Inside you'll find 8 colorful change-of-address postcards to mail to your friends, a special Family and Friends Address Book, scrapbook pages for photos and memories, games to play while on the road, ideas for mapping out your new bedroom and neighborhood, and tips on how to pack, how to find out about your new town, and how to make friends.

This is a story about a brave little girl, Katie Harlow, who has experienced two moves and is about to encounter her third. While thinking about all of the things she will miss she has an epiphany! She realizes all of these moves have actually been great adventures and she has discovered many treasures along the way. Katie Harlow realizes that without experiencing these moves she may have missed out on some really, REALLY cool things! She is left feeling excited and ready for her next adventure!

The Great Big Move

by Meghan Geary

Raising Resilient MKs

Hats: Reflections on Life as a Wife, Mother, Homeschool Teacher, Missionary, and More

By Elizabeth M. Trotter

Finally a book for the Homeschooling Missionary Mom!

Elizabeth Trotter writes about the many hats she wears as wife, mother, homeschool teacher, missionary and more. Elizabeth Trotter shares an honest look at what it's like to wear all these hats, and he leaves her readers feeling encouraged and inspired in their on walks of life.  

The Wild Brothers are Christian missionary kids who are growing up in the jungle and creating videos and resources to share their world with others.

Sammy’s Next Move

By Helen Maffini

Sammy is a snail who lives around the world with his parents as a "third culture kid" or global nomad. He often moves to new countries and has to change schools and make new friends.

Sammy experiences the feelings and thoughts common to children in similar situations. Sammy is a snail and so he carries his home with him wherever he goes, just as a third culture kid does by knowing that home is where their heart is!