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Great resources that are especially or exclusively for people engaged in overseas missions or cross-cultural ministry!

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Short-Term Teams Security Training DVD
If you need your short-termers to be security conscious when coming to your location this is a good training tool, it’s a DVD titled “Safe Travel Solutions”.
In just six training sessions your team will learn how to handle hostage situations, demands for information, and general criminal activity. Specifically focused on security issues relevant to overseas missions, and even includes true testimonials from missionaries and short-termers who were victims of various crimes.
A very relevant training tool for both new and experiences teams.

The primary purpose of this ministry is to challenge, train, and disciple young people, exposing them to worldwide missions. As they see the pressing needs of the world, we pray that many will also see the need for training to help them meet these needs more effectively.

Find Short-Termers
Are you wanting to get short-term teams to come to your location? Considering promoting your ministry through these websites:

Mission Bible Class

Free resources for sharing God’s Word with children

Looking for resources for teaching kids about the Bible? This website has free resources that require minimal or no materials.

Perfect for short-termers or teachers who need to put together a study quickly with minimal supplies to use with multiple age or mixed aged groups.

Short Term Mission Opportunity for Police and Firemen!

Mobilization International offer short term and career mission opportunities for active or retired police officers and firefighters. Taking teams of people who have police and/or military experience to help train police and military in other countries and share the gospel with them.

Praying Pelican Missions is a short-term international missions organization serving the needs of indigenous local churches, pastors, and communities around the world.

We set up and lead mission trips for churches, small groups, families, and individuals from North America, continually expanding and strengthening a network of pastors and communities both abroad and in the United States.

Short-Term Trips, Long-Term Effects!

Score International is a ministry that exposes people to short term missions, as well as encourage missionaries and equipping participants to do the work of foreign missions.

The goal of the organization is to produce career missionaries and create greater partnerships between local churches in the USA and foreign missionaries.

SCORE short term trips include sports mission, construction crews, dental/medical missions, primetimers tours, and overseas couples retreats. SCORE offers international as well as domestic trips.

Global Adventure Pursuit is a 10-month adventure for high school graduates to live and study in Costa Rica to learn basic Bible doctrines and study in theology and missions as well as become fluent in Spanish.

Servant Life is a mission-mobilizing ministry providing dynamic short-term mission experiences for teenagers and church groups.

Currently Servant Life sends short-term mission teams to eleven countries, including two locations in the United States.

Our desire is to connect students’ love for God to the Nations through His Word and by His Spirit.

Team Effort offers opportunities for youth groups to put their faith into action through challenging and rewarding mission projects.

Youth groups work on projects such as repairing and renovating homes for families in need, and building mission and ministry facilities.

We also work at homeless shelters, respond to natural disasters, lead children's outreach programs, and reach out to individuals and communities through Christian service.

Teen Missions facilitates short-term missions experiences for teens.

They exist to launch youth into lifetime missions involvement by training, discipling, and mobilizing them to impact eternity around the world NOW.

They also offer adult and family opportunities to minister.

Serving in countries such as South Africa, India, Malawi, and Zambia. They organize summer as well as seasonal trips.

TIME leads short-term groups to the mission field to serve local ministries. Sending organizations benefit by deepening their vision of missions and maturing their people spiritually. The receiving field benefits by helping churches to fulfill their vision through evangelism, construction, and discipleship.

We exist to connect teenagers to God, each other and communities through life-changing Christ-centered mission trips.

Trips are targeted to youth ages 12-19, provide ministry in areas throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico, including some Native American reservations.

There are also opportunities for family mission trips. Trips are low-cost, but high impact!

Use your skills such as cooking, housekeeping, educating, babysitting, teaching, and shopping, by serving as a Christian nanny assisting Christian missionaries.

Mature Christian woman, from youth to seniors, can enhance a missionary family's effectiveness in proclaiming God's Word.